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Audio Visual Services in San Diego & Nationwide

Audio Visual Experience (AVEXP) is an Audio Visual Service Company that provides equipment and labor for meetings, events, conferences and conventions worldwide. Full-service audio, video, lighting, and staging is offered which always include installation and dedicated on-site support and management.

Meeting and Event Planners Love Audio Visual Experience

Consistently smooth events that provide great savings without sacrificing quality, regardless of the venue location across the country.

Experience Matters

We have been facilitating audio visual events for individuals, companies, and all kinds of organizations since 1993. We know how to apply a dedicated AV budget without sacrificing quality.

Dedicated Reliable Support

Our professional audio visual crews are here with you through-out your audio visual event, to answer any questions, provide suggestions, and most importantly, ensure the delivery of memorable presentations.

Competitive Pricing

We are experts at creating a great package within the parameters you set whether it is based on price, technology, or logistics. We are happy to work with you to create the ideal package for your event.

Experience The Difference At Your Next Event

Every experienced event planner knows that reliable technicians and high performance technology are critical to the overall event experience and success.

Easy and Abundant Presentation Display Options

AVEXP provides user-friendly technology that can easily plug-and-share with your laptop, or provide one for you that’s software and hardware friendly. We ensure ahead of time that have the kind of displays needed for any special presentation needs and attendee size.

Audio Excellence – What is Said in the Front can be Heard in the Back

This sounds obvious, but much like WiFi, there are often audio dead zones as well. Every attendee deserves the best experience and the team at AVEXP will ensure they receive the highest quality and consistent audio experience regardless of location in the room or room size.

Live-Streaming and Video-Conferencing Capabilities

Video sharing, whether through live stream, video conference or webinar, is a huge value add for your presenters and their audience, especially those members who can’t attend in person. The team at AVEXP are above qualified to run and troubleshoot these great tools.

Filming and Recording Options

Whether or not you opt for live video sharing, most event planners typically request a recording of event sessions and presentations for later use. Additionally, companies may want to integrate these videos into future trainings or events. The AVEXP team will provide you the highest quality recordings from your event.

On-Site, On-Demand Technology Support Team

With over 20 years of experience, our team provide unparalleled quality in service and reliability. To ensure success, AV Experience provides state-of-the-art equipment, knowledgeable and accomplished technicians, and a trained staff of AV professionals that you can trust to meet your needs.

Fair and Transparent Pricing

Technology has improved substantially and there are significant cost savings available. We are experts at creating a great package within the parameters you set whether it be based on price, technology, or logistics. We are happy to work with you to create the ideal package for your event.



Any Event. Any Size.

General Sessions

Keynote Sessions, General Sessions.

Social Functions

Receptions,Outdoor Events,Trade Shows.

Concurrent Sessions

Breakout Sessions, Training Sessions.

Saving You Time and Money

Audio Visual event planning can be very expensive if venues are not held in check and are allowed to steer you away from reliable, cost effective Audio Visual support.

Starting Right

Our years in the business has helped us to understand all the moving parts of your event.  When it comes to logistics, having us help pre-plan and connect relevant individuals, we can ensure your event starts off on the right foot, and continues smoothly for the duration.  We have become specialists in logistics which means you can rest assured AV will be setup as early as possible to allow the fine tuning that helps to make your event extraordinary.

Time is Money

By inserting us an an extension of your team, your workload becomes simplified.  With a consistent team who knows your AV needs, your time spent on planning and operations diminishes, making it easier for you to stay on schedule with all the details coming across your desk.  By saving you time, we save you money (not to mention stress).

The AV Company You Keep

There are reasons that our clients come back to us time and time again. It’s not just the cost savings we offer.  It is also our dedication to consistent, dependable, friendly service that ensures a wonderful ongoing business partnership.

What Our Clients Have To Say

"You don’t know how important it was for me to have a confident and quick-thinking team to help me with this seminar! Your efforts were such a great example of excellent customer service!"

B.C., Trade Show and Event Coordinator

"Walter was particularly astute in picking up on the little details to help make our meeting a success. His willingness to help and his enthusiasm are among the finest I’ve seen."


"Dear Walter, Thank you so much for all of your help this week ‘we would have been up a creek without you’ and always accompanied by a smile. You are wonderful! I know you played a big part in the success of my first conference. Thanks!"


"On behalf of the California Association of N., I would like to thank you for sending someone to provide the Audio Visual requirements for our Annual Meeting in Santa Barbara last weekend. AVR was wonderful and we received a lot of positive feedback about him and his work. It was a pleasure to work with him."


"I would like to commend Walter, who set up and managed our audio visual equipment, especially the system related to videotaping this event. He not only was very friendly and provided high quality service, but always gave the impression that he was there to meet our needs and on several occasions went above and beyond what would be normally expected."


Serving Our Clients Nationwide

Audio Visual Experience is based in San Diego, CA and is proudly serving clients throughout the country and worldwide.